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Highland Township Officials

Highland Township Officials

Board of Supervisors

Cody Young 

Jason Stitt, Chairman

Jason Stitt, Chairman

Bill Baldwin

Bill Baldwin

Road Maintenance

Roger Greer

Road Maintenance

Police Chief

Don Boehs, 717-642-6103 

Planning Commission

Barbara Finfrock, Chairman
Robert Adams
Carl Keller, Jr.
Jason Kern
Charlie Sterner

Zoning Hearing Board

Bill Jacobs, Chairman
Darlene Grube
Shorty Forsythe
George Lennon, alternate

Township Officials


Robin Keller

Township Tax Collector

Susan Forsythe: 717-334-5472


Don Billoni, Chair
Jim Kunkle
Martha O’Bryant, Secretary

Building Permits

PA Municipal Code Alliance, Inc. 717-496-4996

Township Engineers

KPI Technology:  717-339-0612 

Township Solicitor

Linus Fenicle, Esq.

Board of Auditors (Elected)

Each Township of the Second Class elects three auditors. At each municipal election, one auditor is elected to serve for a term of six years. Auditors must be registered voters of the Township. They may not be employed by the Township or hold any other elective or appointive office in the Township. Auditors must have resided continuously in the Township for at least one year immediately prior to their election. Vacancies in the office of auditor are filled by the Board of Supervisors. The appointed successor serves until a new auditor is elected at the next municipal election coming at least 60 days after the vacancy occurs. Auditors taking office after August 15, 1999 are paid at the rate of $10 for each hour necessarily employed in discharging their duties of office. 

The auditors meet annually, at the place of meeting of the Supervisors, on the day following the day fixed for the organization of Township Supervisors. They organize by electing a chair and a secretary. Two auditors constitute a quorum. As is permitted in the Second Class Township Code, Highland Township hires a Pennsylvania certified accountant to conduct the Township’s yearly audits; therefore, the Board of Auditors solely set the compensation of working Supervisors. When supervisors are employed as roadmaster or road workers, their compensation is fixed by the Board of Auditors. Compensation includes salary and wages. The auditors also approve the mileage allowance to be paid to the Supervisors for use of their vehicles on Township business. 

2024 Working Supervisor Compensation 

  • Compensation to Supervisors for Road Work - $28.00/hr.
  • Mileage: $0.67 per mile as set by IRS

Elected Auditor

Don Billoni (Chair)
Wm. "Jim" Kunkel
Martha O’Bryant 



Term End Date

December 31, 2027
December 31, 2029